Essential Tips & Tricks to Make Strong Empire In King Of Avalon


Have you ever played King of Avalon? If yes, then there are some important tips & tricks that you can learn to make a strong kingdom. King of Avalon is a mobile game and very popular among strategy game players.

It’s an advanced type of strategy game where players have to make a strong kingdom by making buildings and upgrading the army.

There is a dragon in a game that players have to raise to progress games as well. If you really want to make a strong kingdom and you do have any clue about how to make, then I will tell you how you can make a perfect kingdom and earn lots of rewards as well.

Take part in events

King of Avalon is a huge game, and there are several amazing things that players can do and perform to make their empire bigger and stronger.

Apart from the fight with the opponents, many tournaments happen every month, and if you want to make a bigger and stronger empire, then it requires money.

After taking part in tournaments, it can provide lots of resources, money, and other several prizes that you can use to make the kingdom better and stronger.

Complete daily tasks

On a daily basis, several task releases, and now it is up to the players that do they want to take part in daily tasks. It is not compulsory to take the tasks, but if you want to earn some extra money and rewards, then these some of the legit king of avalon cheats that can help a lot.

Tasks are easy mission s of the game, and they can be completed very easily. Every day new and different types of task releases, and if you complete them, then you can also enhance the skills also by completing those tasks.

Use dragons in fights

Dragons are a key object in the game, and if you want to be a strong player, then you have to do smart work. Raising the dragon is not an easy task, but after upgrading it at the max level, it will help you so much in an attacking way.

Dragons are huge, and they can be so deadly when the opponent does not have air defenses, and when the dragon is maxed in level.

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Sell extra items

When you earn rewards, there are some rewards that are not in use, and you can sell them back to the game store, and they can pay you back for that item.

You can trade anything, but just remember, never give those things that are on use because sometimes it is hard to get some regular things in the game. Every item has a different value, and they pay you in their value.

Upgrade every building

Upgrade every building to the max level because it will help you to save your kingdom from the enemy’s attacks.

Many players just focus on attacking so you don’t repeat the same mistake and make everything in balance and keep the buildings upgraded.

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