Hotel Empire Tycoon Legit Ways To Level Up Faster


Hotel Empire Tycoon is a simulation game by Codigames that you can play for free, but it contains some in-game features for which you will have to pay money.

The basics of the game are very simple that anybody can learn with ease to get started. Well, the game is all about building a hotel empire and trying to become a tourism tycoon.

There are many other things to do in the game, so you should pay appropriate attention to them. While playing this game, you are able to add more rooms to your hotel and build additional floors. With the help of this, you can also get extra income from your business.

To be a superior player in the game, players need to play the game strategically and follow some crucial tips and tricks.

In the further post, you can read some helpful tips that you can implement while playing the game to become the richest man and build a hotel empire.

Try to Claim Achievement Rewards

While playing the game, there are many tasks and achievements in which you can take part. Completing achievements is one of the easiest tricks to gain the premium currency of the game.

Beginners should never ignore these hotel empire tycoon cheats because it can help them to survive for a long time. In addition to this, they can also get so many advantages that they are looking for.

When you perform to complete the achievements, then you will be rewarded with a good number of diamonds according to the milestones you reach.

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Effective Tips to Consider

Try to reach the bigger milestones to get higher rewards. These milestones may include everything you do in the game, whether it is watching advertisements or unlocking the rooms.

It may also contain the number of customers to enter your hotel. You can also track your achievements by tapping on the trophy icon. You should never forget to claim your rewards for which you are waiting for a long time.

Try to Unlock the Rooms

The game begins only with one room, but you can add more according to you needs to make progress faster. When it comes to adding new rooms, then players have the option to add four rooms to each floor.

You also have an option to add more floors to the hotel because the initial ones have only three floors. First of all, start unlocking the rooms at the bottom level of the hotel, and then you can move forward. These rooms are the cheapest ones that can help you to boost up your progress speed.

With the help of these rooms, you can start making money. In this way, you can get assistance in unlocking more and more rooms to enhance your hotel.

All rooms of the hotel help to earn money, and that’s why you need to upgrade them from time to time. It is also important for players to unlock the rooms in business areas to earn extra income.

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