How to Win Races in DragonVale’s Dragon Track

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Competing in Dragon Tracks is the best way to have visitors come flocking in to view your park and your collection of dragons. Dragon tracks is a section of DragonVale dedicated to hosting races between competitors. If your dragon wins a race, you get to win generous rewards (DragonCash, Etherium, etc.).

How to Take Part in Races

  • Players can race only ten times a day in the Dragon Track.
  • Each race track has certain ‘elements’ (for instance, the Radiant Run and Darkened Dash match with two contrasting elements – light and darkness).
  • If your dragon has elements that match the race track, you will have a significant advantage. (for instance, using a night dragon on a night track). The game itself will make element-based recommendations.
  • If you don’t have the recommended dragon, you can still compete by using one of the two elements of the track (for instance, in the Cherry Road race track, you can either use the Tree Dragon or the Love Dragon). Choose carefully to maximize your chances of winning.
  • During the race, you can tap on a yellow line that appears on the race track to give your dragon boosts.
  • Only first, second, and third-placed racers are eligible for a treasure chest. Tap on this treasure chest to obtain the reward generated at random.


The rewards from the Treasure Chest can contain XP, gems, decorations, food treats, or a mixture of these items. Rewards are higher if you place first in the race. If you are already at the top of your level, you won’t be getting any more XP. Another way to get rewards is by using dragonvale gem hacks which are legal to use online.

Taking part in these daily races is the easiest way to earn XP, gems, and DragonCash. Simply log in at least ten times a day and let your basic, hybrid, and unique dragons compete in the daily races!

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